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Thread: My latest endeavour

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    My latest endeavour

    Had some time to spare so decided to make myself a shooting bench.
    I had some 18mm plywood so did a Google for shooting bench designs and this is what I ended up with.
    Top is 2 layers of 18mm ply glued and screwed.
    Legs are 2" water pipe.

    This is no where near as portable as the one Dorsetstaff makes and it needs a separate seat. but it functions OK for me

    The legs unscrew and mount underneath for transport, but due to the weight I lash it to a luggage trolley, along with the box containing my other bits pieces.

    Leg stowage
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    Ferryman that is a very good looking solution. Left and right hand is just what I need for my daughter and I. How do you attach the legs securely at an angle if you don't mind my asking. Steve

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    Hi Steve
    They are standard pipe fittings available from Plumbcentre.
    if I was making another I would look at possibly using aluminium pipe for the legs to reduce weight .
    The anti slip rubber mat is a definite advantage.

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    Would you mind adding a link to the parts please

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    The plywood was some 18mm I already had lying around after building my reloading bench.
    The 1 1/2 ID pipe I got from Pipeline Supplies
    I had to set my chop saw to 18* to cut the sockets to get the angle for the legs.
    These were then welded to the steel mounting plates.

    Parts used

    18mm Plywood X 2 glued and screwed together
    1 - 3mtr Length of 1 1/2" ID (40mm) Steel pipe
    3 - 1 1/2" Female/Female Sockets
    3 - 4" X 4" Steel plates
    12 - 8mm X 50mm coach bolts (B & Q)

    Here is a link to the site I got dimensions from

    Hope that helps

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