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Thread: How good are mid price range scopes

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    How good are mid price range scopes

    I'm sorting out my scopes and trying to thin out the amount I've got.
    So let's line them up and try a comparison. Wow, what a shock,
    Six scopes ranging from 28 to 1,400 and do you know how much better the expensive ones are. Well, not a lot. I don't want to run down or bull up any makes, it is a simple exercise just looking through them.
    The edge to the centre, dusk to midday etc etc etc. just basically doing what 99% of people do, look through the scope, line up and squeeze the trigger. I wasn't interested in getting too technical, just does the scope do the job.
    Do we really need to spend so much on a scope as all the "experts" recommend ?
    If I were to say which is the best scope for my type of shooting you'd all think he's raving mad. (well i am but that's beside the point)

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    I think under range conditions (day time, clear targets etc) the glass isn't as important as some would have us believe but more the build quality of the rest of the scope. Do the clicks actually match on paper at a set distance as they should do? Does the zero point return after winding up the elevation or windage? Is the scope actually manufactured straight and true etc? Will it hold up the continued recoil?

    all a bit harder to check without testing it or having to rely on manufacturers claims.

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    Had a client out other evening and when the light went down we checked out if we could see the rutting buck which was not too far away.

    Clients scope could see absolutely nothing including a bunch of cows coming up the field to investigate us, cost I believe he said was 700 second hand but cost way over 1000 when new.
    My scope cost 100 new and we could see down to the edge of the woods and clearly see the cows coming up the field.

    His scope would trash my scope on a range in daylight conditions but clearly mine had the edge in low light.

    His scope, 12-35x56
    Mine, 3-9x40

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    i use a Bushnell xlt 3 12 x56 iv hit all three medals in roe this season plenty of munty and the odd fallow also on about 50 foxes too.... i love the scope cant fault it and it cost a whopping 200 money well spent ... scope prices have gone mad and to anyone starting out they are led to belive they have to spend 1000's

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    I have an AG S 4-16x56 scope which I use on an air rifle. It was very good with NV back in the day. However it is not advisable to dial in for shots as it will not revert back to its original zero. I had an MTC Viper as well but it was shockingly bad and that went to the rubbish dump as I could not in good conscience sell it as it was not fit for purpose. I definitely believe in paying up for good scopes.

    One thing I say for sure here in Switzerland is that people definitely, pay up for high end scopes, much more so than they do for rifles.

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    I've had only a few scopes in my time. The 'best' I guess was a Schmidt & Bender on my 243. However, I changed this for a Meopta Artemis 7 x 50 and haven't looked back. I now have this scope on a .17hmr and another on a .308 they were both second hand and around 160 and I love them. In contrast I have a BSA sweet 22 on a .22lr and it is great in daylight but hopeless around dusk.
    The best scope I looked through was a Swarovski Z6i, but to be fair that was in daylight. Most scopes look good in light conditions.

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    The users of very expensive high end scopes will tell you that they must be better then their rivals because they cost more!!


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    I am lucky over the last few years in having a bit more disposable income than when i bought quite a lot of my gear 20-30 years ago so have 'upgraded ' quite a few scopes - worth the extra ? a difficult question to answer without lots of caveats, with scopes back then i could not afford top German stuff but have had many years enjoyable / successful shooting with good value mid range glass such as Weaver and Burris , Jap made Weaver's particularly always seemed to offer very good glass / build quality for the price and i still rate them even now , no they are not as good in low light as real expensive glass but for value for money - leagues ahead.

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    AT The End of the DAY , YOU Get What you pay for !!! bit of a hard pill to swallow for some , buy a high end rifle scope you will see everything in all conditions it will always hold ZERO the Tracking will be reliable , and if ''THATS '' not the case, the manufacture will replace , also if you treat it with respect, When you sale it , you will Receive a fair amount of your money back , making your next purchase MUCH less painful ,

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    My frustration is that, as far as I have seen, most scope manufacturers don't publish the figures for the qualities of their scopes. Only sometimes are there claims about light transmission but no clue on how it was measured or comparison to cheaper models. The accuracy and repeatability of the adjustments, optical quality at different wavelengths and light levels, and shock tolerance can all be measured. To me not being given this information so I can make intelligent comparisons is as insulting as rifles that come out of the factory with rubbish triggers which is my other Grrrr.

    Mind you for me it's a bit easier because I don't have much to spend anyway LOL.

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