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Thread: rifle stock blanks

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    rifle stock blanks

    Hi im going to make a stock for my howa , I want to make it in laminate but I cant find anywhere in the UK that sells blanks of laminate but I was thinking of getting a 8x4 sheet of good quality ply and glueing it up but I dont now if it going to be the same quality as it should be , I have got some ash and oak big blocks that will do it but I'd rather like laminate but if some body knows in the UK were they sell blanks will be brilliant
    Cheers guys

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    I am making a thumbhole stock for a target rifle from one of these
    technically it is three laminates stuck together but you wouldn't know and they are very nice void free blocks of birch
    for the price you really cant go wrong

    Laminated Birch Ply Blank Block - Gun Stock Air Rifle | eBay

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    Hi Ed

    There are many grades of wood ---
    How would you rate the blank for hardness, weight, machinability (fine detail, inleting) & colour?


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    Cheers for that bewsher500 I dug out some nice blocks of some red wood hardwood its called surpeley its got no nots or defects and its very straight grained timber I planned it out and its come out very nice and its nice to work with i made many things with it in the last several year's so il give that ago but im still after a laminate blank though cause I much like the laminated look.
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    it is not going to win any awards but it strike me as bloody heavy and bloody hard!
    didnt weight it but it dulled my circular saw profiling it and I am using a tungsten carbide die grinding bit on an air grinder to shape it
    may be overkill but it was taking too long with other options

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    Try give a sanding disc on the grinder try some thing like a 80 or 120 grit that supposed to work good of what I seen

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    Tried a 40 grit wheel but it clogs very quickly and degrades requiring replacement
    the carbide grinding bit works well its just small for use on metal

    big one would be awesome!

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    I admire your industry but would sugest you purchase a semi-finished one from here:


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    They look nice but they are 10x the price unfinished and not inletted to my rifle or to the specs I want. (380 unfinished for a target stock)
    and i wouldn't have the self satisfied smug look of someone who has just made their own stock!

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    Its a good project making my own id rather make it my self its much cheaper and it all be nice to say I made that it all put a smile on my face every time I get it out the cabint

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