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Thread: what to wear underneath a nomad hill smock

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    what to wear underneath a nomad hill smock

    Managed to pick up a new nomad hill smock cheap, what do people wear under it? What have you found to work best for you?

    Thanks in advance

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    who's going to say it first....

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    As little as possible if you're walking; they are very good but very warm, especially the smock. In all but the worst weather I carry the smock in my backpack on the ascent & put it on when moving slowly or sitting.

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    yup i got one at the CLA they a so dam hot i just have a sweat wicking top under mine with a cotton t'shirt

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    you say it your gaging !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul at Fechan View Post
    who's going to say it first....

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    you say it your gaging !!!
    Come on someone, then I can go 'Boom Boom'
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    i havent a clue as at this moment i do not posess one ,but when i win one i will sort something out ,no concellation to you on your question i know but then again i could have said sweet f,a, but i didnt so i thought i would leave that too someone else, atb doug,

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    This is what most Nomad owners wear under theirs, so I'm told

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    My wifes underwear, not much need for anything more substantial.

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