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Thread: Stand 1 / beat 1 Day

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    Stand 1 / beat 1 Day

    Guns available for end of season shoot on Saturday January 31st 2015. Stand one, beat one system, guns in the beating line will be allowed to take birds going back. No limit on numbers of pheasants , partridge may be taken if presented, plus duck drive.

    £100 per gun for the day

    Drop me a PM for details or to book a place.


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    4 guns available due to time waster

    P.m me for details
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    2 guns available for the above, P.M. me for details.


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    Are there any places left for stand one / beat one day !

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    Looks like we are fully booked, for driven and rough shooting for the rest of this season. Thanks to all those who have been in touch.



    Taking orders for pheasant / duck / partridge poults for 2015/2016 season.

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    Will you be doing a roost shoot again, that was good fun! - scratch that just seen your thread further down!

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