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Thread: Shortest drag / carry?

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    Shortest drag / carry?

    Had a little button buck on Saturday, 75 yards from a mug of tea!, & at least 14 feet higher than the track, should I have used the quad?. What's your's?
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    no drag at all, the quad came to me
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    Last winter I shot a doe whilst walking to my high seat. Left it where it was and when back to car to get my dog, give him a bit of practice. On walking back to car there was a doe stood pretty much right next to it, very short drag

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    Shot a roe buck a couple of years ago, that fell 15 metres from my car. I was stalking and was on my way back to the car, I had to wait for it to pass by my car before I could take the shot.

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    First one standing on restock, shot out of jeep window, approximately 70 yards.
    Next night, same spot feasting on the restock, shot out of jeep window, approximately 70 yards.
    Little satellite buck must have moved in within a few hours

    Easy carry down hill to the jeep.

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    Some years back I shot a wee sika stag while I was drinking tea. I was sitting at the back of the car drinking tea when I spotted him. I set down the tea, got the rifle and loaded it up, shot him and then finished my tea before going and recovering him. Sika are usually so wary but for some reason there appear to be a few really stupid ones among their number. Another morning I was stalking down a track into the wind. After a while I became aware that there was a small sika stag behind me. He could clearly see and smell me and in the end he seemed to just follow me about for a while. Initially I wasn't keen to shoot him as he wasn't exactly what I'd wanted but I started to get fed up being followed so I got him out onto the track and shot him where I could reverse the car right up to him. I've no idea what was in his head, or why he thought it was a good idea to follow me around, but although I had no drag it didn't end well for him.
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    on Sunday, stopped short of where I was going in the forestry because of a downed tree so got out of the car, dropped a log of my own bear style, geared up and as soon as I stepped over the downed tree there was a roe doe on the track looking at me but she looked back into the trees so I knew what was coming. So up on sticks and sure enough over come the followers and it was click-oi-bang and took the first one just off the track edge. About a minute of stalking and it dropped 2m from the track, had to carry the massive 14kg's beast at least 60m but in fairness I would have cleared the tree if I had a saw and drove up to it just to be a lasy tart.

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    I was out one evening stalking Sika with my brother and we had just stalked our way back to the jeep that was parked on an old track, as we were loading up the jeep we spotted a wee pricket watching us at about 70 yards down a steep bank my brother loaded up and put one in the boiler room, the wee fella took off running in a big arc and landed up on the track we were parked on about 10 yards from the front of the jeep............

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    Shot a possum on a post and picked it up without getting out of the truck.

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    Stalking one evening while training a new Lab I shot a Doe that was directly down wind about 50 yds from the track, I though I would see if the lab could find it, as he had been indicating it before the shot.
    With a word I sent him, he went straight out picked it up and carried it back. How pleased was I.
    He is 9 now and makes me carry them.

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