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Thread: night master 800 ir advise please

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    night master 800 ir advise please

    Hi guys,

    I already have a Nite Site NS50 for night shooting of rabbits, barn shooting and ratting.

    I am after another system for another rifle, i was thinking on the Night Master 800 IR. Does anyone use this for the above of for foxing etc?

    What are they like?

    How do they work, I mean the Nite site has a camera that transmits a signal to the display. Does the Night master just fire a invisible IR beam that you cannot see but you can see when you look through the scope???

    I know im being thick here guys but would appreciate your help.

    Cheers guys


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    The Nightmaster is an IR source - just a torch that outputs IR light to make an IR scope perform better - you will need an IR scope or similar (which is what the Nite Site is). The NM800 will make the NS50 perform better, but I'm afraid its not a replacement.
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