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Thread: heavies in 22/250

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    heavies in 22/250

    i'm rebarreling my remington with a kreiger 1 in 8" twist. i want to shoot berger vld in 70;75; and 80 gns. does anybody do similar? i'm after good loads and PREFERABLY with adi bm8208,wondering if its too fast for the heavier pills. many thanks mike

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    Good morning Mike. We have built a couple of fast twist 22.250 rifles for the heavy vld bullets. A max and Berger. We found with the 75 grain bullets Hodgdon Varget gave us 3200 fps from a 24 inch barrel and tremendous accuracy ( sub 0.25 groups for 5 rounds ) and excellent temperature tolerance. I cut the throat so that the bullet shank boat tail junction of the bullet sat just at the shoulder neck junction of the case , to maximise case capacity . The two rifles were genuine 1000 yard varmint rigs and performance was all we could have hoped for .
    The charge weight we used was 32.5 grains for one rifle but the other shot best at 32,3 grains. I know that Varget is a rebranded ADI powder however which powder it is escapes me. My apologies for not having data for BM8208 but I hope this may put you on the right path , yours respectfully Mike Norris Brock and Norris Custom Rifles

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    Mike, this has been done many times in the UK and North America, but isn't too popular for a reason I'll come to. 8208 (IMR-8208 XBR as it's labelled here and in the US / Canada) would work, but is too fast-burning to be a good match. With 75s and 80, powders in the 4350-class (AR2209) are a better match, likewise Viht N550, Alliant Re17. VarGet (AR2208) is about the fastest burner that would sensibly be used. As Mike Norris mentions, it's not just barrel twist rate - you need the throating right for these bullets giving a cartridge OAL ~2.55-2.6" with the bullets at the lands.

    The downside is barrel life, so the rifle usage and resulting round count is important. The Canadians used .22-250 with the 80gn Sierra as a competition cartridge in the early days of F-Class, but a barrel life of 900 to 1,100 rounds soon saw this combination dropped.

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    Hi I have had two fast twist 22.250 and currently run a Tikka 595 fitted with an 8 twist Lother Walther barrel.

    My last rifle had 1600 rounds down the tube and would still put together 0.25 group's with 75 grn Amax.

    From my testing with a range of powders - these work best with 75 and 80 grn Bullets

    1 - IMR - 4350
    2 - Reloader 17
    3 - Vit N150
    4 - H414
    5 - Varget - Hit pressure signs too fast

    Group done yesterday with 80 grn Amax and Elcho 17 ( RL 17)

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    Alan, your slipping mate!, that orange bit is usually gone from your paper! P.P.Your Benchmark is still here, Steve.
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    - Hi Steve... Will arrange meet up with you.



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    my sako was rebarrelled with a walther 26 1/2 inch fluted 1-8 1/2 twist and shoots 75gr max well out to a tested 600m.
    33 gr N140 and cci 250 mag primer.

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