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Thread: Fox drives

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    Fox drives

    Any keepers/syndicates needing an efficient little pack of beagles for fox drives at the end of the season or any bits just now that don't affect your bird drives drop me a pm. Cheers.

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    Don't know where you are, but we already have an efficient system available to us, The Scottish Hill Packs (fox hounds) cover everything pretty much north of the central belt.

    Don't know if there is anything similar in the south of Scotland so possibly there might be an opening there for you.

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    Yes I'm aware of them but it's not everybody that can have or indeed wants a full pack of big hounds on there place. We do places both north and south of Edinburgh. Thanks.

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    It a great sight to see, watching the dogs do what they do best being the small hounds or the big hounds. Hope you get some work for them pal they do a great job.

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    There is a few english gun packs i know off come up to a few different estates in south west scotland, sure there is still a fair bit off room for u thou.

    How many couple do u hunt with?

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    Fox drives are a waste of time on a well keepered shoot. We have stopped paying for them to come after the numbers flushed to the guns is usually nil. I shoot more in the year than a hound pack will ever achieve. It is however a good indicator of good keepering.

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    Sometimes rd it is about giving others a crack at a bit of sport but I'd agree I wouldn't pay for the service ,we allow a pack to hunt pre season and they are coming to the boundry for some dogging in so to speak as we shot yesterday

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    The hounds have given up coming to this area. One of the masters was recently giving a local farmer an ear-bashing for letting me deal with his massive fox problem (he'd lost in excess of 1,500 free-range organics chickens). After a few minutes the hounds master mentioned that he'd also had a similar problem. When the farmer asked him how he'd dealt with it, he conceded that he'd brought in two blokes with night vision, who, the last I'd heard, had shot 38 foxes. The farmer nearly punched his teeth down his throat.

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    All depends on ur ground, u are very naive if u think u can either lamp every bit of ground or 'proper keepered' pheasant shoots dinae have foxes.
    Off course they're not as flexable as u coming out at a moment's notice but they still serve a purpose

    In some ground hounds are very effective esp on the open hill or large forestry blocks.
    I small pack i know will come out at a few days notice esp at lambing time, just one of the kids a motorbike and a few hounds but they work on mainly hill ground that u couldnae lamp effectively.
    I know a few grouse keepers and very good low ground keepers that stil let hounds on there ground.

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    In my view, proper fox control should involve a number of approaches. Rifle, snare and hounds/drives work well together as a year round approach.


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