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Thread: Trichinella testing lab address

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    Trichinella testing lab address

    Not sure when the address changed but if any one has any old sampling kits you may want to check the address before posting.
    The new address is:

    Animal Health and Veterinary
    Laboratories Agency
    Laboratory Testing
    Rougham Hill
    Bury St Edmunds
    IP33 2RX


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    I have been really confused with this.

    I recommend applying for the kit well in advance of likely need. I contacted a couple of places following links from the boar information site a month or so before I was due to have a wander. The first one that came back had the latest address and arrived only a couple of months after I had shot, butchered and eaten most of the boar! About a year later I had an apologetic letter from the other address saying it was being dealt with and a month after that I had a second kit with the earlier address on it! Go figure.

    I must have look now and see whether either of my kits have the address you gave.

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