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Thread: Schmidt & Bender (German) 2.5 - 10

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    **SOLD** Schmidt & Bender (German) 2.5 - 10 x 56

    I have for sale a Schmidt & Bender variable power scope that is German made not Hungarian. It is a 2.5 - 10 X 56 and the tube is 30mm. The scope is generally in good condition with just a few tiny marks where the scope mounts have been and I can supply Butler Creek flip ups for both ends. I'm looking for 550 o.n.o. delivered.
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    For those who have asked the reticle is a No.8 that increases in size as the magnification is cranked up.

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    Dam just spent 700 on one of these.
    Very pleased with it, better that the swarovski z6i it replaced.
    Someones going to get a good deal.
    Have a bump on me

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    Hi, what reticle has the scope?

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    The reticle is a number 8 and for those who have asked a couple of photos are on this Dropbox link

    Dropbox - SB Scope

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    Some flaking on the inside of the tube has been detected that might be dislodged with repeated recoil so, despite the picture being currently clean and bright, I am withdrawing the description of the scope, however if anyone wants it for use on a rimfire (or take a chance with recoil) they can have it.

    **SOLD** subject to the usual

    Thanks to everyone for their interest
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    A good steal there quality scope. At a bargain price if I'd only got online an hour ago

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    I have one for sale paul k

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