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Thread: Ridgeline pintail or Ridgeline mallard ?

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    Ridgeline pintail or Ridgeline mallard ?

    I need a new waterproof jacket just to throw on if the rain comes on when out shooting or fishing
    I think i have it narrowed down to ridgeline pintail or mallard, but i cant decide which 1
    Has anyone any experience of either or both ?

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    Yeah avoid the pintail not waterproof

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    I'm surprised by that, I've read that they are supposed to be quite good at turning water

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    I've got the mallard mate. The Pintail has the "bino pocket" but I prefer the flexibility of being able to wear it open. It is breathable but not wonderfully so it is nice to be able to open the front if you want to walk any distance.



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    I don't think much of the Ridgeline stuff at all. I bought the smock type jacket not sure of its exact name and took it back to the shop within a fortnight as it had ripped at the seems. The replacement jacket is now in the same state with quite a few rips. The outer material seems to be soft. I also bought a pair of the trousers but could only stand the sweating for one day. Not breathable one little bit, only good for sledging in I would say.
    I will be going back to the buffalo jackets next time. Very tough and been around a long time.

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    Pintail smock it is that I have. also forgot to say that the sizing is very small so if you do order one go a few sizes bigger.

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