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Thread: dropping their antlers?

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    dropping their antlers?

    I went for an early morning walk and ended up watching a family of 4 roe in a crop paddock for an hour or so. The buck only had one antler - are they dropping now?
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    Yep, I saw two on the farn the other evening with only one antler
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    Look where he is jumping in and out the field as the jarring from landing usually knocks them off, and you may find his casts, have found a few at fences where they are jumping in and out.


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    Thanks Moose. I did wonder if I could find them but thought it would be like trying to find the proverbial needle.
    I'll have a look along the fence line next time.

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    Shot a buck 3 weeks ago that had cast both. Was an old boy in slightly poor condition, but still thought that was early for both to have fell.

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