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Thread: AirArms S410 Setup

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    AirArms S410 Setup


    I am after a S410, preferably a full setup; divers bottle, scope and mod. Don't mind beech or walnut stock but would prefer one of the newer s410 stocks with the swirls on the checkering. Thumbhole stock would be fine also. Have seen a few over the internet but would rather deal with someone through SD or pigeon watch as your all a decent bunch. Let me know if you have anything.

    Thanks for looking

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    I have an S410, its a fantastic air rifle for rats, rabbits and pigeons around farm buildings etc. Very reliable and accurate. Not for sale but just letting you know its a great choice!

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    Hi Oscar,

    I have a couple of S410's, I can let one go and would be able to include most of what your looking for but it depends on what you want to pay etc,lol.

    If you search for the username of dannyfireblade01 on youtube then you can see what I use mine for mainly.

    drop me a PM if you want and we can discuss what I've got mate.



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