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Thread: Woodland stalking rifle?

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    Woodland stalking rifle?

    I'm toying with the idea of getting myself a rifle for woodland stalking.
    I already have a .243 cz 550 and a t3 6.5 x 55
    both rifles have large scopes fitted well as T8's and are not ideal for woodland stalking.

    I'm considering these options

    marlin 3030 under lever

    enfield 303

    single shot 308

    which ever I chose I will try without a scope first and see how I get on.

    I'll be stalking roe and fox, but want something that will handle a red at close quarters.

    Whats people's thoughts?
    With have a clear out of air rifles to fund the purchase. So 500 budget

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    For me it's got to be a parker hale .303 with something like a zeiss 4x32 when I wear out my 7mm that's what I'll be getting had one in Canada and loved it
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    A nice Stutzen in .308 ?

    They don't seem all that popular so prices can be good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by private fraser View Post
    A nice Stutzen in .308 ?

    They don't seem all that popular so prices can be good.


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    Is the correct choice! Or in 7mm08, but it's mine and I'm not selling it!

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    BSA made the CF2 in a really nice Stuetzen version - I found myself admiring a beautiful example on a rifle range a couple of weeks ago, in .270 Win calibre. They used to go very cheap, but now? You don't see them for sale often either.

    Marlin .444 Levergun - IF it comes with brass and you can source the 265gn Hornady flat-point bullet developed for this cartridge. It's said (can't comment personally) that 240gn expanding bullets aren't constructed heavily enough to cope with the higher .444 velocities over .44 Magnum levels. I'm assuming you're a handloader, of course, otherwise it's probably wise to forget 444.

    Marlin M1895 in .45-70, handloading caveat again applying, and only if you don't mind 'a bit of recoil'.

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    30-06 stutzen gets my vote for a dedicated woodland rifle - all quarry rifle from foxes right up to the biggest stags, elk & piggies - put a nice small scope on it & enjoy the classier side of stalking.


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    A nice Stutzen in .308, or perhaps something like a Ruger Gunsite Scout?

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    I use a 30 06 now but used to own a 30 30 under lever and absolutely loved it. It is a very effective calibre for medium sized quarries. Its recoil is much softer than the 30-06 if you are not using a moderator which I suspect, will be the case. The disadvantage is that it may not be as effective as the 308/30-06 for bigger deer or boar unless the shot placement is precise.

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