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Thread: Suzuki Vitara 1.6

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    Suzuki Vitara 1.6

    I have decided to sell my Suzuki Vitara Jeep, it's a P reg in a metallic maroon colour. It's in fantastic condition and I can honestly say that there isn't a dint in it. There is however a very small amount of bubbling on the drivers side rear wheel arch but not rotten, just paint bubbles.. I had a new clutch in it at the cost of 320.00 just around Christmas time and it has also had new brakes and pipes for the MOT.
    It's got good tax and test and drives well, High and Low box in 4WD work as they should and there are some all terrain tyres on it as well, These are hardly worn. This little 4x4 will go anywhere! Very low mileage at just over 60,000. Used daily to take the dogs out in. The boot area is therefore very dirty.
    Reason for sale, well I bought a Ford Ranger and I don't need two 4X4's. First to see will buy.

    750.00 OVNO.

    I will add photo's when I take some.

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    pic's please and where are you in the uk may be interested

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    I'll post some photo's tomorrow when I have taken some. I'm between Scarborough and Bridlington.

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    ok mate can you send pic's down the phone if so i will pm with my no

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    I suppose so, never tried, I don't have photo's yet, I will take some tomorrow when it's light. If you want them via your phone pm me and I will sort it mate.

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    In adition I have found a small amount of rust (Very small) on the O/s sil. Just had a hose down and whilst still needing a wash you can see that for her age the car is in very good fettle! Forgot to mention, it has a tow bar too.
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