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    Hi all,
    just to introduce myself, my name is Will, I live in Shropshire, I stalk shoot and fish, I have 3 deer rifles in 30 06, 308 and 7x57, plus a 22 hornet and 22s. I also have several shotguns from a lovely double 8 by GE Lewis, a 10 bore 12s 20s and 410s I am currently a member of 2 small game shoots, one of which I run. I have 4 boys all interested in shooting so it could turn into a VERY expensive hobby in the future ! Although it does keep beating costs down ! Most of my stalking is locally for roe and fallow but i have stalked reds in the Highlands. In the summer I fish on the Wye. I look forward to reading/taking part in the many interesting forums in the future, all the best, Will.
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    Welcome Timber.

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    welcome like to hear the 4 boys are keen too!

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    Welcome to the forum, good intro too!

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    Welcome to the site,

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