Hi all, our 2015 weekend course dates up to summer are:

31st January/1st February
14th/15th March
25th/26th April
13th/14th June

All candidates receive our free pre-course materials well in advance of the course that includes deer ID and revision booklets and there is free use of the estate rifle included for all candidates if required. Our course is perfect for the novice stalker or those just getting into deer stalking who have yet to get their rifle or FAC. Total course cost is 300.

Local accommodation and rifle storage facilities are available for those travelling. Drop me a pm if interested or get in touch with Barony Campus and don't forget there is a FREE 200 Grant that you might qualify for towards level 1 training with us if you earn up to 22k and live in Scotland. More details here:
Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 - SRUC