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Thread: Autumn Watch 2014

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    Autumn Watch 2014

    When not furnishing viewers with some cracking footage of rutting Lowland Red Stags the programme descends into an approximation of Radio 4's late 70's comedy programme called The Burkiss Way but with pictures.

    Last night we had Chris Packham in an 'ironic' tailored camo jacket of dubious parentage and the female presenter giving him a "blow" on the pretence of mimicking a stag's bellow through an extended windpipe-like tube.

    TV to die laughing for and certain to rupture Red-Dot's stitches/staples.


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    Admittedly 'The General' had a head to die for. . Beauty of as stag.

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    Cwis is showing early signs of dillusions of grandeur and Michaela is a bit of an old stick now? Stitches remain intact!

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