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Thread: Moderator Life

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    Moderator Life

    A friend of mine there in the UK told me he that many modertors he has used "rot-out" after a period of use. Not quite sure what he meant but I am now curious about what most experience as the life of a moderator.


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    I have a T8 9 years old; 600rds If I stopped chapping the end of it off stones in the hidden in the heather it would last longer

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    I have had 2 T8s rot on me!

    Some of the aluminium mods although v light will erode with gas wash as well but its a trade off over weight and durability.

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    I don't consider it a consumable item so I got a stainless steel one
    it will outlive me

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    Here we have to pay a $200 transfer tax so I do not see it as a consumable either. Bought a GEMTECH Trex with 1/2-28 threads meant for an AR in 5.56mm. Also happens to fit my Ruger 22 pistol with target sights.


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