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Thread: variation in variation times across forces: collecting data

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    variation in variation times across forces: collecting data

    Those of us who have to deal with the Police Scotland firearms section in Edinburgh will know that they have recently experienced a large reduction in staff numbers, and the processing of even very simple 1-for-1 variations has become agonisingly slow and error prone.

    It has been hinted that a degree of pressure further up the chain might help alleviate this, so I am thinking of writing a formal complaint. To do this, I would like to be able to present a comparison with variation times at other forces, both in Scotland and beyond.

    I would be very grateful if anyone who has had a variation processed in the last year could let me know the following:

    1. Force.
    2. What the variation was (1-for-1 or change in allowance).
    3. Time taken.

    Many thanks.

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    Sussex Police, New Caliber, 7 days including postage, two weeks ago,

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    Surrey one for one. Posted to them Monday and returned in post on Saturday (same week!)


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    2 days northumberland 1 for 1

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    Nr. Lyneham, Wiltshire

    Change ticket from 'closed' to 'open'
    Emailed Friday evening with request, reply received first thing Monday morning. Delivered by hand Monday afternoon, received in post Thursday morning same week.

    1-4-1 from .22 to 6.5
    Spoke to them on phone Tuesday morning, appointment made for 10am next day, Out of the door with variation 15 mins later.

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    Variation to acquire 22-250 - ten days.

    FAC sent in today for another addition.

    Past service has been excellent.

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    new calibre 308,posted monday ,back the following tuesday .avon and somerset.

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    As well as a drastic reduction in staff since the move to Police Scotland, I believe that Legacy Lothian and Borders force have just gone live with a new computer firearm licensing system( not new to some of the other legacy Scottish forces) which is compounding the delays. I imagine that variations will be taking a bit of a back seat over renewals just now. Just wait till air gun licensing is added to that workload with no more staff!!

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    West Yorkshire variation for new calibre. 5-6 weeks. Not overly fussed to be honest as I got what I asked for and that's all that mattered.
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    Lothian & Borders. Handed in to Fettes to have target shooting added; returned in under 2 weeks (about 5 weeks ago).

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