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    Two Events

    Some of the Lowland deer groups have offered to organise two events in 2015.In conjunction with the LDNS ( One suggested event will be on Rifle safety maintenance and improving accuracy(Yearly MOT). This will be given by a leading rifle experts and participants will have a chance to try there hand at shooting targets out at different ranges under there guidance (Fix powered scopes and Dial in).
    The other event suggest was a Dogs for deer day this will be Given by leading experts from both the UK and Europe and will cover the safe recovery of lost or wounded deer what you can do your self and when to call in the expert's.

    These are only Ideas and we are looking to see if there is enough interest. As always these will be free events with light food and refreshments supplied.

    Please let me know by PM or on the open forum.

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    Always up for leaning new ways of looking after my kit ! A chance to try out new gear is always welcome.

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    Definitely be interested in the former. It's a long time since I was cadet armourer so would be useful to brush up those skills. Where abouts would they be held?

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    Not sure yet Matt but would be some were between Glasgow and Edinburgh

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    Yes please interested in both courses .ATB

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    Potentially interested in both, more so the dog day.

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    There would be a lot of interest from this end of the land.
    please keep us informed.

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    There is enough interest for both so they will happen. Hope to have at least 40 at each and see if I cannot entice the best of the best to educate us all.

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