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Thread: Ear defenders for Young PM?

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    Ear defenders for Young PM?

    Hello everyone.

    Next month, I'm lucky enough to be travelling North with the family for a driven shoot that I've been invited to. It's an informal affair run by friends, and I'd like Young PM to experience a drive if only for the photo opportunity, weather permitting. But I need to protect his little ears. Do any of you know of any ear defenders suitable for a 15 month old? I assume he'll try and pull them off, but it won't be for very long. I daresay on this forum there are plenty of people who have come across this situation.


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    I think Deben make non electronic ones in cheerful colours in small sizes for children. Might be the way to go.


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    Contact Tamar off here - he used a set this summer for his wee one. She slept soundly through the whole thing perched in a backpack on her mum's back.

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    Peltor make kid-specific ear defenders - multi-coloured and under 15 quid. All the rage at Glastonbury and the like!

    There are countless cheaper examples online but then you wonder about their quality measured against the ones from reputable makers which are properly tested and certified. Probably not worth the risk when you can get a pukka set for a few quid more!



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    I would say the best ones you can find an afford mty too many of us are M.G !!! coz we is ard or just thought we were my lad has peltor

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    Some of the cheap disposable foam in ear ones would be an option. I used them for a few years shooting clay comps with my old school. More than adequate, reasonably comfy and they fit everyone. Possibly a touch more secure for a young kid than the over ear types as well. About 50p a set as I recall.

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    But those are designed to fit the adult ear canal Alistair, I doubt they could reasonably be inserted into the ear canal of a toddler without causing all sorts of issues, not least trying to get the little one to hold still long enough, and it's not like you can really explain to one so young. Over ear ones are better at preventing damage from vibration around the ear. The Peltor kids ones are good.

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    That's them feller for small ears, plugs kids hate em fussy buggers lol, i added a sweat cover from my old ones for the summer its just a cotton cover.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pine Marten View Post
    Thanks everyone!

    These ones here, right?
    That looks about right - but if it were my offspring, I'd make sure additionally that he was a fair way back from the shooting to reduce the bangs further. He'll be too young, I imagine, to let you know whether the ear-defenders are sealing properly.

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