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Thread: Muntjac in Devon

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    Muntjac in Devon

    Are Munties present in Devon, and if so what is the population density/distribution like?


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    Not many so far - but a few have seemed to have driven there....

    Numbers seem to be growing in Wiltshire though so I think it's pretty inevitable that they will be on the increase soon

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    Thanks for that , just that I have friends with 26 acres of woodland near Crediton and there appears to be a healthy Roe population was wondering if there was a possibility of Munties.

    We have them in South Glos, but I have rarely seen them, but do hear them barking at dusk/night when out foxing. Secretive little blighters.


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    Give me a call sometime and I can tell you where I have seen/shot them in Devon and W. Somerset - small but established groups and verified.

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    As orion has said small but increasing numbers in very small pockets, i know of a munty which has escaped from a private enclosure but alas she is by herself so will not be increasing in numbers yet!!

    If anybody has an excess going spare chuck them on a wagon headed down here

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    There seems to be a small but growing population here in south Dorset. I have seen them on the Dorset/ Wilts border a few times.
    A few have also been seen in the Purbecks.

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    i come from near credition, my old man saw one out beating last season about 15 miles of north crediton. but i boubt there are munties in any great numbers that far from somerset/dorset border!

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    We have not got them in east devon as far as i am aware but i believe one was shot on the killerton estate ,and on holden hill by the fc .

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    I saw one from the train in 2008, it was feeding in a field not very far out of Tiverton Parkway station heading east. There were a couple of roe in the same field.
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