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Thread: New 2014 knife on the market from Benchmade

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    New 2014 knife on the market from Benchmade


    I have been doing a lot of research on steel/blade length and style for my next (and hopefully only) stalking knife. I have been using cheap and cheerful Hultafors Stainless for a while (which blunt easily) and have decided that as my birthday is coming up i will treat myself.

    All of the different types of steel (440c/440HC/D2/A2/ATS-34) have all different qualities and associated price tags. I therefore wanted to go for a hard blade (RC 58+) and wanted to ensure that it was not too brittle. So i landed on CPM S30V steel, which offers a great edge as well as being stainless, which is the obvious downside to D2 steel which is not and can lead to corrosion problems if you have prolonged use in the field. (especially when dealing with deer gralloching).

    With this steel in mind i then went onto have a look at factory knives around the 100 mark, and was really surprised that Benchmade have just produced (new for 2014) the Saddle Mountain Skinner. A really good length at 10.1 cm which offers ample dexterity and reach without being cumbersome. It also retails at 117 from Heinnie Haynes which is bang in the price bracket. I was alarmed when i was informed that the majority of the production had moved to japan which offered less quality steel - however that is for their lesser 440C and 440HC blades and that the S30V blades are manufactured in the USA.

    I get delivery next week and will hopefully be able to report back with more conviction- but from what i am reading, it could be a solid contender against any custom knife and even the Fallkniven F1!

    More to follow......

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    Look forward to your review.

    I have an Emberleaf Knife, made to fit my hand, which was not far off your target price but always interested in new 'cutlery'!


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    I have had the folder version for a couple of months, I use it as my edc, quality is very good, edge retention excellent.

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    I have found Benchmade to produce some pretty good stuff but my experience is limited to folders. Gerber on the otherhand are too brittle. Had the blade snap through the pivot pin hole once while field dressing a deer high on a mountain and alone.....


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    Benchmade has several grades and a variety of steels. I love my Griptillian folder. very good steel, Teflon coated.

    I have a sheath knife, but have never used it...saving it for a gift. I stumbled into a sporting goods store selling things very cheap, in a cash crunch, and soon to be bought out - and bought six Benchmades for $120.00.

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    emberleaf are making some very nice knives. Nice guys to boot!
    Quote Originally Posted by Loki View Post

    Look forward to your review.

    I have an Emberleaf Knife, made to fit my hand, which was not far off your target price but always interested in new 'cutlery'!


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    Ive had a fixed blade benchmade rant dpt 440c as my only knife for many years now and the blade was made for benchmade overseas. I got it when in the states for way less than 100 and it's been a great tool. I've posted about it before and been v pleased with it. Hope yours suits your needs but it sounds like you've done your research. ATB

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    I made my first stalking knife from D2 back in the 70's. It was quite hard to get hold of special steels back then. D2 has got Chromium in the mix, and although not Stainless, will be an improvement on ordinary steel. My first knife is still in regular use for gralloching, and with basic cleaning after use, has not gone rusty yet !

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    The saddle mountain hunter looks to have a better blade profile than the skinner, if used for general deer work.
    The skinner profile looks similar to the Swing blade profile which I have given a wide birth to due to too much belly on the blade.

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    Looks like a really nice blade and well balanced, it's getting rave reviews in the states,would I swap my F1 Used it on two deer this morning and it's so just a joy to use topped off with keeping a superb edge, that said I love new shiny things!

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