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Thread: Schmidt & Bender 6x42

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    Schmidt & Bender 6x42

    Schmidt & Bender 6x42 West Germany,

    A7 Reticle
    26mm tube size

    Sight rings and Rail for Night master or other branded lamp included plus lens cap cover.
    Good condition for age, Glass is crystal clear

    300 posted. ONO

    Sale due to upgraded to Pm2 and about to start another project.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    what size tube does this have

    Atb Matt

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    I can't remember if it 1inch or 30mm of the top of my head and I'm currently up north in Scotland, on return I shall check and post the details.

    But as I said rings are included.

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    Matt its a 26mm tube size.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GunsmithDolphinholme View Post
    Matt its a 1 Inch Tube / 26mm if where going to be picky.
    Ok no problem I was after a 30mm one for the .22lr

    Thanks Matt

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    Quote Originally Posted by 09mutley05 View Post
    Ok no problem I was after a 30mm one for the .22lr

    Thanks Matt
    Can I ask why you want a 30mm tube ? It makes no difference to light transmission, only amount of adjustment, and that really only comes into play when dialling in. I'd snap the sellers arm off for a scope like this, at this price, if I was in the market for a scope

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    To be honest I don't think there is much difference between the light gathering 26 and 30mm tubes. Plus with being a S&B it doesn't have poor glass. I had this on both my .308 and then on my .22 prior to upgrading to pm2's and used it while lamping rabbits for most of this year.

    But thanks very much for your interest, happy hunting.


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    Only I have a set of spare leupold low qrw for it to go on my sako quad and can't get 26mm qrw at a reasonable price

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    Did you re parralax the scope when on your .22lr for focusing at short range?

    Thanks Matt

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    No I didn't, I believe there set at 100 yards ish. But Im no scope expert its not my area of experience. Don't think it needs or would ever require adjusting. But id happily stand corrected with someone with more experience/expertise in this area.

    I have opened scopes up before many moons ago, these have all bee military bits of kit and had desiccating units to do the job etc. I wouldn't even know where to start on civi kit.

    Any personal kit I leave to sending back to manufacture unless its changing turret caps etc. Where the job can be done correctly.

    scope suitability 6X42 S NV - UK Varminting

    The above discussion may help put into perspective on what people think of the scope on a .22 rimfire.

    Plus its a handy back up scope should you break/damage your main scope on your stalking rifle and doubles up as a back up.
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