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Thread: Hello all.

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    Hello all.

    Hi, I'm chop. It should be Chops as thats my dogs nickname, but they wouldn't let me?
    I come from Yorkshire & I used to be an active shooter, both target & field untill I had a bad head injury & developed a form of epilepsy. Yeah I had my licence revoked & had to sell my guns cheap.
    Anyway, I've been fine for a while & I want to have a go getting back into it. If anybody knows anything that could help or effect me getting a licence again, I would greatly appreciate your input.

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    Hi Chop,

    Sorry to hear about your injury but hopefully your recovery will be complete, it certainly sounds to be going in the right direction. I have no knowledge of regaining a FAC after such an illness but I would imagine that a good starting place would be some sort of medical evidence stating that your epilepsy has gone and you are no longer at risk from attack. Then having been declared fit enough to possess a FAC, applying for one should be a formality considering your previous gun ownership. Mind you these assumptions are based on logic and have no bearing on the real world

    I would not be surprised if someone who can help will be along shortly.

    Welcome to the site,

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