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Thread: Anoter doe shot in Denmark

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    Anoter doe shot in Denmark

    Out with a client on the roes.
    This doe was shot yesterday evening. First shot was OK - but the two next missed.

    Distance 120 m. A little bit messy to gralloch but it went OK.

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    Made a mess of that one, surprised you embarrassed the chap.
    I think he would have preferred it to be forgotten.

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    No wonder the client pulled his veil up.

    We all make mistakes ,but gut shot and two misses the client needs to go back on the range.


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    At least he has been honest about it all, how many folk on here would say if they had a cock up? The client would be panicking with his second and third shot, easy done when the pressure is on.


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    Nice video and got to agree with Ranger 22 I think there are many on here who can identify with that. But I would go back to the target just to make sure.

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    Thanks for the comments. The client took a fox on the way out same evening. Spot on at 130 mt. Think he got "a shaky" hand on the doe and panicked. Normally he shoots well and his equipment is OK.

    By the way. This is what the client wrote to me:

    "Great about the debate. It was a f... up shot - great that you give a fair picture of the stalking without hanging me up. Stalkers donīt tell about their f... ups. I am willing to show mine - otherwise I donīt think you learn anything!"
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    It's good he holds his hands up too many people keep quite.
    I carry a spent .243 case on my key ring to remind be to be carefull. I loaded and fired it in a .270.

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