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Thread: Idea for admin?

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    Idea for admin?

    It seems to me that the biggest grudges coming from classifieds seem to be based around optics. Given that we are required to give a price, could it not also be a rule that we have to give a serial number too. At least then the purchaser would know that he got the item they paid for and if there was a dispute then the seller would know that they were looking at their item?
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    Sounds reasonable.

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    Was thinking the same myself but then thought that it would be hard to see the Serial number with the rest of the photo all at the same time if you know what I mean?

    What ever happened to a man's word?


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    Excellent idea

    give that man a pat on the back.


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    The easy answer to this is if the person you send the scope to is not happy with it give him his money back and have the scope returned.

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    If a seller is not being honest about an item they are selling how is giving a serial number going to help? Any photo should be of the item being sold and it should be stated clearly if it is a stock photo. Not had any problems myself but I ask a lot of questions before parting with a lot of money. Doesn't anyone?

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