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Thread: At last its here

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    At last its here

    After a six month wait my Tikka T3 left hand in 204r has arrived, fitted with a GRS stock and custom bolt handle, trying some home loads tomorrow , fingers crossed

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    Looks a nice set up glad your pleased
    keep us updated on the home loads will be interested to see what it likes
    I enjoyed the load development when my tac arrived all part of the enjoyment
    in my experience
    regards pete

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    First decent day for a while so managed to get out with the t3 this morning , loaded some 39grain blitzkings with BLC2 , this was the 3-shot group the white patches are 1" square.

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    40 grain V-Max/H322
    Bughole groups from my CZ Varmint straight from the box.~Muir

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    Awesome Rig ..

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