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Thread: Deerhunter Europe Jacket

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    Deerhunter Europe Jacket

    Hi all

    Has anyone got a Deerhunter Europe Jacket,& If so would you recommend them.
    Your comments will be welcome.

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    I don't have a Europe jacket but do have a Huntsville made by Deerhunter. I've had it for a couple of years and have worn it for beating, shooting and the bit of stalking that I've done. Its been superb - very warm and completely waterproof. Based on my admitedly limited experience I would say Deerhunter stuff is pretty good.

    Others will have more knowledge of Deerhunter as a brand if not the specific coat you're interested in.



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    Cheers, Bob

    Looks like i will take a chance with Europe jacket, i'm sure it will come in use'ful. Like you say it's pretty good stuff.

    Many Thanks


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