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Thread: Quad rear brake cable

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    Quad rear brake cable

    Looking for a rear brake cable for a Honda TRX420 FM. Tried a couple of places online but postage kills it. Any ideas of a reasonably priced dealer I can order from without breaking the bank?

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    Do a search for "Quad bike Wales". I've had a few bits off them in the past including S/H and found them very good.

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    There is a company in Carlisle that sell loads of second hand quads on eBay & Trader - they will know where to buy bits & may have something for you. A quick search online will find them.


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    Thanks Jimo, I looked at quadbike wales, they were one that were expensive to post. I will use them if I have no luck finding cheaper. Yorric, I may just call in at Lloyds Carlisle see if they keep spares in stock if that's who you mean, they deal in quads?

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    i just paid 75 pound for 3 cables for my honda 300 at a place near new cumnock im at my caravan in creetown just now im home tomorrow if you want il get address phone number send you it

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    Try J&S Mcgomery in lockwinnoch.01505 842356

    Regards kev
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    No idea what the postage will work out like but I get all my Honda spares from Ark, they are usually very helpful so worth a try...

    Honda ATVs all new and used quad bikes and accessories supplied and serviced by Ark Atv main Honda dealer for the south west of England

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    Have u tried all the local bits?
    Paterson's at dalbeattie? There's another 1 in CD by the roundabout at the top end (Mc???craken?? something i think), and i think ATV services further west.
    The local back street quad mechanic just buys all his parts from mark at patterson's, althou they will prob only sell genuine honda parts

    There is a fella wi wee shed out brampton/longtown way that deals in quads, wouldn't surprise me if that's him on ebay, can get new ones and has heaps of 2nd hand (think he's also good wi argo's) it's a wee village wi a strange name
    Another big honda dealer in hexam that alot of the big hill sheep farmers slightly east of me use, meant ot be fairly cheap (althou never beat patterson's on price yet)

    When ihad my cheap crappy chinese quad got spares throu AJS motorcycles who were pretty good

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    The one in Carlisle tow centre area I'm thinking of is O'Lee Commercials -tel 07564 455697 .They do use another name as well but it's basically the same outfit - see fleabay.

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    That's a different bit to where i was thinking, Heatherwick sprngs to mind not even sure if that is the village or his name, he used to advertise in cumberland news but been years since i've been there

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