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Thread: The market gardens come up trumps again.......

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    The market gardens come up trumps again.......

    Now,I just wrote this story down and then lost the bloody lot of it,so,here is a watered down version....sorry.

    I went across the valley to the market gardens where the farmer had been seeing a few Roe around.I got there around 1530hrs,and,it was a beautiful afternoon with the sun shining on the valley side I was sure that I would come across something just below the tree line.I made my way up to the first field and there was a young doe there nibbling away at the sparce bushes,so,I got a hawthorn inbetween us and got up to the fenceline,and through the long grass I could then see that there was two of them both last years young'uns.The trouble was i was going to have to stand up to take the shot off the sticks which would mean I was out in the open for them to see me,so,when I slowly got to my feet and put the rifle on the sticks they both saw me and trotted off some 60yds,and,then stopped although they were still very twitchy.I must of pulled the shot as I totally missed her,and they both made their way through the hedge into the next field.....bummer! still it does happen to the best of stalkers even though they won't all own up to it.I carried on across into the other field,but,there was no sign so I assumed that they just didn't stop and kept going full throttle heading for the next county,so,I snuggled back into a Hawthorn bush and decided to wait for something to happen,well I didn't have long to wait,the two Does must of been actually in the hedge still as they emerged nice and calmly chewing as they went,I very carefully put the bead on the nearest(70yds)and,I dropped her,she was dead before she hit the grass.

    Although her sister had shot off straight through the far hedgeline I was sure she would be back,so,I just stayed perfectly still and she did appear a few minutes later,but,as she was on her way out of the hedge something spooked her and this time she wasn't coming back.I decided to do the gralloch and then go back over to the far field that has a lot of young xmas tree saplings just put in.My plan was to esconce myself in the larger block of very large xmas trees and use the Roe sack as a rest,and,it proved the right thing to do,as a Doe and follower came out of the wood and started their evening meal at a range of 188yds.I decided to take the folower first,and,as she hit the grass her mother never even flinched,so,I slowly moved round to the Doe,she was slightly skew to the shot,and she just wasn't going to move in a hurry,so,I took the shot,she ran on into the wood,but luckily not too far(20yds),and,it turned out to be a bit far back and I had creased the gut leaving a bit of green,not much though,and the heart was split in two.........

    The Doe was another with well raised pedicles,that's two I have had like this in the past few weeks,I am going to do the skull out to see just how pronounced they are.....just curious.
    By the way,I know the pics are dark(flash)but,by the time I had dropped the first one off at the truck,and,got back up to do the other two the light was fading.


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    Great write-up, many thanks.

    Look forward to seeing some photo's of the boiled out skull from the antlered doe if possible.


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    nice read Martin, well done


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    Very productive, good account of events,


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    Well done mate.
    How is your health these days Martin?
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Quote Originally Posted by basil View Post
    Well done mate.
    How is your health these days Martin?
    Pretty good Bas,apart from being diagnosed with Diabetes,so,I am on a weight loss regime at the won't recognise me when you next see me Bas...............'M'

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    Blimey mate, you could stand behind a hazel stick and the deer won`t see you!!

    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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