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Thread: Lost my cherry

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    Lost my cherry

    I finally lost my cherry this afternoon, I booked a 1/2 day on the Euston Estate near Thetford with Head Stalker Chris Rodgers, after a quick trip to his range for a shooting test we set off to a likely looking wood where there were supposed to be a few munty's living, after a mile stalk round the outside of a quite large block of broad leafed woodland we arrived at a denser woodier area and within the first 100yds we had seen a couple of deer, a doe and a reasonable buck which didn't hang around, we quietly crept to a high seat and both got into position, after about 10 minutes a young munty appeared maybe only 3-4 months old which stayed about 50yds away for about a good 1/2 hour when a slightly larger buck of about a year old chris reckoned showed up, unfortunately at a slightly wrong angle for the way i was sitting, jiffeling round in the seat to get comfy I managed to spook them both and 2 white tailes legged it for the cover of some bushes, I was gutted, after about 5 minutes the tiddler came back and carried on digging about in the leaves, absolutely fascinating little creature, we watched for about 15 minutes through the binos as he looked for his supper, Chris reckoned the little fella was probably an orphan to a doe that was hit by a car as they havent shot any does for a while and he was probably just about big enough to survive on the bits of sugar beet that he puts out, after about another 15 minutes the yearling appeared again and after a couple of minutes stood broadside long enough to take aim and send the 100gn soft point his way, after a few cart wheels and back flips he laid still and didnt move again, on inspection the bullet had gone through the heart and lungs, maybe an inch or so too far forward of perfect placement but he didnt suffer and wasnt badly damaged, a couple of snaps for the album and off to the larder for the gralloch, cleaned out he weighed 16lbs, not a monster but hes sure to taste real good, anyway enough of that, so here's the pic

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    Good for you Mike, well done.

    "jiffeling" thats a new one on me!



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    I said to MS that you would be better off going with Chris than the next door estate.

    Glad you got yr 1st one and had a good time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sako_243 View Post
    I said to MS that you would be better off going with Chris than the next door estate.

    Glad you got yr 1st one and had a good time
    I think you may be confusing Mike R with AndrewS mate!

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    Congatulations and enjoy the Venison.

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    well done on your first mate, you will never forget that one.

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    cheers guys, i forgot to mention in the original post what a fantastic place the Euston Estate is, 10,000+ acres of agricultural and mature broad leafed woodland, the stalker chris is a fantastic young bloke who was interested enough to explain things to me as we stalked around and purposely didnt make a big thing out of the shooting test to not put any pressure on me, I most certainly will be booking again in the next couple of weeks to see if i can get a roe doe and then again after april to try for a buck, anybody local or anywhere else for that matter should defo give chris a ring


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