Again, I am moving workshop and have a line of these hand made by us, Priests to shift, over a hundred to go. Considering I dont do too many donations other than an expensive St Georges Day lunch for Charity I will donate 3.00 for every one sold on here to the ABF .

So they are going to be 10.00 each posted, I have been informed there not to bad either!
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Two sorts of shaft and two varieties of grip shape.
Either a Rolled Carbon Shaft, or an R316 Stainless shaft.
choice of a Wells Half/Full or Cigar Grip.

Turned Brass Heads (BBF) and Pacific Rubber winding checks, Pacific Rubber stopper for the grip end,
Cork is a Grade 2 Portugese Quality Ring and turned by Hand.

Overall length 240mm
Brass Dia 20mm
Brass Length 25mm
Handle 115mm

Measurment may vary slightly
Ignore the leather sheath I have none left now, but make one yourself!