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Thread: 22250 reloaders

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    22250 reloaders

    Does anyone load 22250 in leeds area ?

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    What is one looking for in regards to the request.


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    Guidance / first hand mentoring from someone experienced

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    Check out utube some good videos and read manuals,
    watch some on case prep it's very straight forward just don't try to cut corners just follow the details in manual ie don't start at max powder load and just run a coal length of 2.350" with some 50g v-max simples watch videos on every thing from even setting your dies up. And ther are plenty of people to help you on here if your not sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Todd View Post
    Does anyone load 22250 in leeds area ?
    James - not in your area but if I can be any help to you (reload for 7 different 22.250's) please feel free to PM me


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    It is very easy once you get up and running, but you are definitely going about it the right way. Having someone teach you takes the guess work out of it as in "I HOPE ITS OK". My friend who's a keeper took me through the basics when I started not that long ago and it certainly does help!



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    any questions just ask, I have loaded .22250 for 30 years, it is a forgiving easy round, what do you want to do, game? target?

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