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Thread: ideas for a stalking rifle?

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    ideas for a stalking rifle?

    I'm thinking of getting a dedicated stalking rifle.
    I like woodland stalking but may do hill stalking too.
    Red and fallow is my preference stalking.
    Top of my list is a Sauer 202 elegance in .308.
    Is this a good choice?
    Thanks Phil

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    The rifles a good choice but the woodwork is too nice and expensive for a working tool, get either classic wood or synthetic

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    I've got for sale a lovely wood and blue sako .308 M591 21inch barrel threaded in what can only be described as as new condition wise it really is that nice

    and a zeiss 6x42 if u wanted it aswell

    and I've got a ASE SL5 also

    It's ideal for what your after

    you our relatively speaking only up the road from me so if you wanted a look just message me

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    Lovely rifle Mark. You cannot go wrong with an outfit like that.

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    Thanks Mark for the offer.
    Its early days yet. Just coming to terms with having to selling my accuracy international to get a stalking rifle. :-(

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    Your welcome to a look if you change your mind it's not a problem if you were offering tea and biscuits I could pop around hehe

    How strange as I was in BROMSGROVE yesterday and one of the guys who works there who i know asked me if I knew anyone who might want to buy an AE in my circles I think it was in .260

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    Yes, that would be mine. AE in .260
    I liked their Sauer 202 elegance but still a bit pricey for my use. Or a new one anyway.
    I've been stalking twice this week and loved it but my AE is too heavy.
    My gun will sell on ukvarminting or that shop off the A449 near Hampton. I forget the name.
    I have a scope and binos for sale on here if you know anyone?
    Thanks Phil :-)

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    I have a Sauer 200 Lux in .308, which is a wonderful rifle. But several of the posters have pointed out that it is just too nice for anything but fair weather hunting in open land or big woods. It is also not a lightweight rifle, but very solid, contributing to its great accuracy with a variety of ammunition.

    Mine came without sights, but drilled and tapped, and plugged, so I bought a set of sights for it. Changing out the Leupold Dual Dovetail mounts for Warne and removing the scope for most hunting will lighten it up quite a bit.

    If you get a 202, I would suggest a step down from the Elegance but get the takedown, and the synthetic stock, so you can take it in bad weather and break it down to clean it. This takedown is wonderful for traveling, too.

    If you are doing a lot of walking, and in hills or mountains, something like a Tikka T3 is nice. If you are hunting in thicker woods, you might want a shorter rifle than that, like a 20-inch carbine, a full stock, or a single shot rifle. I would want iron sights, and QD rings. In close, you don't need a super duper scope, but something like a 1.5-6x42 with illuminated dot or German #1 reticle would be useful in deep, dark woods on overcast days, and especially on dark game like boar, bear or moose. Bushnell, Burris, Minox and Zeiss Terra make good ones.

    Unless you think you need a fast followup shot, look at a single shot with a 600mm barrel, which is still as short as a 20-inch carbine. Before spending a lot of money, I suggest you try and even buy a secondhand rifle that you can resell without any real cost, such as a BSA Stutzen, a Remington Model 7 with sights, T3 Battue, etc. If you like the feel and utility, then you can always upgrade to something with nicer wood or something, like a Sako 85 Stutzen, Sauer or a Mannlicher.
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    Remington Model 7 in 308 with a synthetic stock.


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    Tikka T-3 Lite in any decent caliber: A light weight, drag-over-the-rocks-and-shrug-it-off killing machine.~Muir

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