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Thread: .284 Win Load Data

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    .284 Win Load Data

    Hi Chaps,

    Hoping someone can help with a start load for a .284 Win using 162 Amax and RL 17? It's a long action with 32" barrel. I need to send 10 loaded rounds to the smith. The only data I have found so far is for short barrels.

    Thanks in advance

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    The cartridge was built for a normal configuration (short action, and 22" - 24" barrel) but what you've got wouldn't alter what's needed for a starting load..

    As the round is semi-obsolete (according to older manuals) it's not been re-tested, or has been dropped from the newer manuals entirely. There are plenty of 160gr loads for Reloder 19 in these, but even Alliant seem to have abandoned it ....... you've probably seen this single 110gr load they list ....

    Alliant Powder - Reloader's Guide

    Reloder 17 is supposed to be a short magnum powder, but as the .284 Win is pretty close in capacity to the .280 I'd start here ....

    Alliant Powder - Reloader's Guide
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    heres a starting load this is taken from my own reloading for the .284 so start low work up.
    i honestley think REL 17 is not the best powder for the .284 as sinistral pointed out rel19 would suit better Ramshot hunter is another good powder and cheaper and available.dont go with .280 data.

    rel17 start-40.0gns work up to 45gns i didnt go any further with this powder as my rifle likes h4831 which shoots very accurate for f class.
    there is a fair bit of data for the .284 on tinterweb -reloaders nest has some good loads to get started.

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    Thanks for the info. I'm going to test RL 17 and H4831/H4831SC if I can get my hands on the latter to start with. I currently have some RL 17 as I use it for .243 and have read that RL 17 is suitable for the .284. I mainly just want to get the test rounds sorted for the smith now though without buying another powder.

    The smith asked for a "middle of the road charge weight", so would 42.5 gr of RL 17 with a 162 gr bullet be suitable? The COL will just be a standard one listed in the Hornday manual as I can measure the seating depth.

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    It is strange to me that a gunsmith would request handloads to test a new barrel. I would only test factory chamberings* with factory ammo and it was my responsibility to provide it, not the customer's. Throating would be a separate issue done with dummy cartridges. Load development another issue entirely. I wouldn't shoot anyone else s handloads, ever.~Muir
    (* Wildcat cartridges were loaded by me on the customer's dies, with the customer's brass)

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    I agree with Muir; this is putting the cart before the horse.

    I'm having a 284Win built. The discussions with the smith centre around choosing what I want the gun to do, what bullet/velocity combination does that require, etc.

    He then chambers the barrel blank to suit a (correctly assembled) round using my chosen bullet, in my chosen brass (necked-up Lapua 6.5-284).

    Good luck with it, anyway.

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    i have to agree with Muir and Xavier-strange one-is this for a barrel going to proof?if it is you shouldnt be providing the test /proof rounds.

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    Thanks for the input. The chamber and throat length have all been specified to suit 6.5 x 284 Lapua brass necked up to 7mm with turned necks and throated to allow me to shoot the 162 Amax/SST and 180 berger hybrids without compromising powder capacity. I believe the smith just wants the 10 test rounds to make sure the rifle functions properly I guess. Maybe .284 factory rounds are too hard to come by for this purpose?

    Reload data for the .284 and 162 Amax seems scarce and I just want to be safe with the starting charge weight.

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    garyw, these 10 rounds aren't for proof. The chamber is custom so the proof house have asked for 5 empty cases neck turned to fit in the chamber.
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    I wasn't specifing that I fired rounds for "Proof" as that isn't required in the US. I fired rounds to prove my work: Three rounds of factory ammunition and the fired cases were delivered to the customer. It showed the quality of the chamber. Still though, the thought of firing someone else's handloads gives me the willies..... ~Muir

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