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Thread: 6.5 x 55 barrel length question

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    6.5 x 55 barrel length question

    I've tried the search

    I've sold my .223 and selling my .308 and going down to a 6.5 x 55 one gun to do all

    is a 21 inch barrel classed as long or short or just right for this calibre obviously it'll be used with a mod ( ideally i want as short as posible for the calibre )

    i know sako offer a 20 inch barrel but that is don't mean it's ideal

    I don't shoot much past 150-200 yards

    what do you guys think ?

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    Iv just got a 6.5x55 made by brock and norris and it has 23 1/2 inch barrel, I would give them a call mike really knows his stuff il pm you there contact if needed

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    Hi my 6.5x55 was at 24in when i had it built ,i then had it shortened to 21in
    i have shot this barrel out to 1000 yrds on gongs , but its my go to deer rifle in the main shooting 120g pro hunters
    at a mild load of 2750v
    you could go shorter but you may find you get some muzzle flash as going shorter there may be unburnt powder at a shorter length barrel
    you wont be disappointed with the swede

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    My Sako 75 barrel is standard at 22 7/8" (let's call it 23") and it will shoot 1/2" MOA at 600yds - it's my fault when it doesn't - with 140gr SST with 2,660fps MV.

    Losing a couple of " will lost maybe 100/150fps, keeping plenty of pace for 200yd shots. Chucking a mod on the front will make little difference, but any will be in your favour I'd have thought.
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    I use a 22.4" barrel on a Sako and I'm not sure I would want it any shorter. You do lose energy irrespective of the terminal results on deer making any difference but it seems anybody reloading is generally working out their loads to best performance so why handicap your expectations of shortening a barrel?
    Does it make it really so much lighter that you can now pick it up?!
    Is it more pointable? No because it's probably scoped.
    Balance, well with such light and effective moderators on the market under 300g, assuming you use one, 2" lopped off isn't going to make a noticeable difference if you can pick up a full bore rifle in the first place!
    . . . and yes I've heard the arguments of modern faster powders helping the burn rate but in my experience the 6.5x55 likes the slower ones which need a longer than say 22" barrel to be optimal.

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    For years I shot with a BSA 6.5 x 55 stutzen with a 20" barrel and the deer never complained I just drove the bullets faster with more powder to get good velocities and never got any high pressure signs.

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    I have a Tikka t3 6.5x55 with a barrel length of 20" then an SL5 mod adding a few extra inches. Barrel length was a standard straight from the factory. I use 140gn Federal Power Shoks, I'd like to run them through a chrono but the deer all drop no problem.

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    I've been interested in this too, a tikka t3 comes in two lengths, but I can't seem to find out whats the difference in actual figures ??

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    Thank you all I had pretty much made up my mind regards 20-21 inch barrel so that atleast puts my mind at rest

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    I agree with The Deer Man.

    Most factory rifles in 6.5 x 55 have 22" - 24" barrels for a reason.

    Don't go less than 22".

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