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Thread: Which dog?!

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    Which dog?!

    I wouldn't know where to start on different deer dogs/ breeds, but quite like the idea of a dog to accompany me stalking.

    so, I didn't know what or which breeds would suit as a "companion" type dog. Which would be good around children? How are they with sheep, and other dogs, as we are on a sheep farm.? How does it work if your up high seats, would they sit patiently at the bottom!?

    as said, I'm a novice on the subject, and just exploring the idea at the moment.


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    What ever dog you like best, you are not going to get any agreement on dogs on this site


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger22 View Post
    What ever dog you like best, you are not going to get any agreement on dogs on this site

    Totally agree Al
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    You will be only more confused asking that question on here.
    have a look at a bmh, vizla inc wire haired, Labradors, German wire haired pointer, spaniel, teckel, dacshund etc,
    choose one that suits yourself and your family.

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    It will be all down to how well you train the dog

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    Got to agree with the above comments. Choose one you like, research that specific breed and if suitable for your needs select a good breeder, don't dive in.

    Good luck!

    Alba gu brąth

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    have a 3 year old bmh great with my sisters 1 yeard old son very protective ,also got a 12 week old japanese akita also good with the wee man and doing some tracks when i am out with bmh .

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    Small dogs are easier for upkeep and to haul up a stand.

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    Have a read of the Guy Wallace book "The specialist gundog". Gives a really nice introduction to types of work, breeds of dog, some of the practicalities of owning working dogs (including a bit of the work life balance so many of us require of our dogs) and some tips for basic training. Might help you get closer...

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