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    As the advert says I'm after a bitch pup if anyone knows of any,cheers in advance
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    Indeed the queue that sportingspaniels and myself have been on for sometime! Lol

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    If you don't mind importing your dog and you can speak German (or know someone who can) try Ilka Becker Leistungszwinger von der Ilkahöhe My pup came from her and is working well. PM me if you want more details.

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    I know these have a potential litter, very helpfull people although I didn't get my pup from them in the end.
    i got in touch with the UK Teckel society and got a pup from Nick Vallentine,couldn't be happier with him so far.
    UK Teckel Society

    Wadmeister Dual Purpose Dachshunds

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    I enquired about a possible pup from wadmeister. Far too expensive for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chan View Post
    hey my dads teckel just had 6 pups 2 bitches, 4 dogs only born yesterday. parents were imported from Spain and have Spanish passports. having trouble getting papers as u have to be Spanish kc registered. will all be fully wormed, vaccinated and microchipped. get in contact for more details.
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    have you tried Chris Gray at Kennel Trudvang?

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    Got my Teckel dog from Nick Valentine 11 years ago. He has been, and still is, a great worker, house dog and friend. Good luck with getting your bitch, you won't regret getting a Teckel, not only do they do the job, they're bloody good entertainment too !

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    Zsofia at Zoldmali Kennels in Hungary has a male and female Teckel pup for sale.
    Russian & Slovakian blood lines
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