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Thread: Red deer stalking

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    Red deer stalking

    Had a longer break and not been out much recently. However, got out last week and went to a new area. It is forestry ground with high numbers of red deer, but being first time there I struggled to catch up with them. I eventually stalked on to a hind with calf. I wanted a calf for the freezer, and all looked good: they were about 120m away unaware of my presence, I quietly set up the camere, had rifle of sticks... but decided to take a few more steps to rest my back on a tree to have even more stable position... I only did take one step and suddenly two roe ran across the plantation, and the reds knew something was not right, and the hind was about to run as well . I could only use tripod's leg to rest the gun, so the footage a moment before I took the shot looks a bit weird... but managed to take good shot and bag the calf. Nice one about 45kg. Hope you enoy the vid.

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    Enjoyed that, thanks. How are you enjoying Poland?

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodmaster View Post
    Enjoyed that, thanks. How are you enjoying Poland?
    Good to be home, thanks. After all the hassle of moving, I hope I could now do more stalking

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    Nice one greg looks like your getting out and about so Scotland will not be missed. Nice knife got one on the way my self hopefully soon.

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    Another quality video greg well done. Lovely looking knife as well
    Keep up the good work back home
    Atb scott.....

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    nice one greg good to see your settling in back home

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    Serious blood trail there

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    What were you shooting with? Hell of a blood trail.

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    That was Italian made Fair combo gun .30-06 and 12G barrels.
    180gr Sellier & Bellot soft point factory ammo.
    Thanks for your kind comments.

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