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Thread: Zeiss Diatal 6x42 with MRAD Reticule

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    Zeiss Diatal 6x42 with MRAD Reticule

    A gorgeous Zeiss 6x42 with a a 25mm tube and the exceptional optics and low level performance you would expect.

    This one has a very unusual MRAD reticule which has been excellent on my 22LR as you can easily judge holdover for longer shots.

    It has some slight ring marks which are hard to photograph but I've included a pic with one of them ringed.

    300 posted RMSD to your door.



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    Price drop to 280 posted

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    is it 25mm or 1"?

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    it's really peculiar for a scope without metric turrets that are properly tactical/field adjustable to have an MRAD lens BTW! apart from your comments on holdover, not having the matching turrets really renders the MRAD odd, did you buy it that way?

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    the 6x42 diatal MRAD has 1cm/0.1MRAD clicks AFAIK

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    yeah but closed caps Ed, no use in the field, so the ballistics have to match perfectly to work as a holdover scope, or you use it purely for distance to target measurements. perhaps it was intended as a military medium range scouting scope only,god knows..

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    Sorry, just seen this.

    I can confirm that the clicks are 1cm @ 100m.



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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    is it 25mm or 1"?
    Or perhaps 26 mm? The Zeiss 6 x 42 I have in the cupboard has a 26 mm tube. Regards JCS

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    This one is 25mm.



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    Still available - treat yourself for Christmas

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