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Thread: Chamoix Sack

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    Chamoix Sack

    Anyone every bought/used a chamoix sack similar to

    Seems like a good idea for a day out stalking on the hill for roe, with the ability to carry some clothing, food, drink etc but also leaving you the option of carrying a carcass bag if successful.

    Would be interested to hear your thoughts.

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    Looks like cheap crap to me. So much seems to be made to minimise production cost and maximise profit these days. It looks like a good concept though. I wonder if there is a better made equivalent on the continental market?

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    Its a lot of weight far out away from your back once a carcass is in there, not sure how practical it would be??

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    I use harkila roe sack. Does job well.

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    I looked at these closely as it seems like a very good solution. But the sack part just has a draw string closure with a flappy flap that goes over the top. It does rain occasionally in the British isles and am not sure if your kit would stay dry. At the time they were priced at 100 and seemed expensive.

    I have an old Karrimor Jaguar pack designed to carry big loads long distances. I have used this on more than one occasion and can carry half a Red deer off the hill. Take the haunches, shoulders and backstraps and leave then skin, back bone and rib cage for the eagles. Two loads is doable, particularly if you bone out the shoulder as well.

    If I was carrying out a roe deer, I would simply put it in tail first. Alternatively tie the legs together and the tie these onto the yolk. This keeps the weight high and makes it much more comfortable.

    To to prevent huge amounts of mess strategic use of heavy duty bin bags helps as well as opening up the carcass and letting all the blood drain out well before carrying off helps.

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    Following on from the above post have a read of this link on Isard hunting - Pyrenean Chamois. Towards the end is a discussion carrying them out. Fantastic photos - one day I will have the time and funds to go there.

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