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Thread: Is Dubbin dead? how do you waterproof your boots

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    Is Dubbin dead? how do you waterproof your boots

    I'm in the lucky position of buying some new boots (i think they're going to be meindls) and every manufacturer these days has developed their own special concoction for waterproofing/protecting the leather. Worse than that it's all very expensive, and even worse than that they all make veiled threats that if you don't use their exact product then "these boots will self destruct in 30 seconds" as they used to say on mission impossible!

    Meindl even have 2 separate products that need to be applied alternatly, a cream and a spray! costing over a tenner!

    Is this all a con (like posh cosmetics for wimin) or is everyones leather genuinely so differently tanned these days that they all need special care. I've dubbined boots for the last 4040 years but I was told definitely NOT to use it on new boots. I'm willing to be dragged into this century but I need proof!

    Any advice guys.

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    I just use grease out the grease gun for the backo off the tractor at work?? seems to work just don't wear them round the house as the missus won't like it

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    I got a tub of special Mendel cream thrown in when I bought my boots. Pretty sure it's dubbin.......

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    Ive used Meindle boots for years (now on Lowa) Dubbin worked just fine with them and no adverse affects.

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    Still use dubbin on all my boots, motorcycle, walking and work.
    Just polish then dub on regular basis, especially when leather is drying out.

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    Nikwax is probably the most common replacement now I've found the aqueous wax to be the best of the lot it can just be painted on and left or rubbed up if you wish.

    Im currently using Ranaphur myself and really like it, but still use Nikwax on boots that work hard.

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    Sno seal

    Discovered it years ago when I mountaineered. Brilliant stuff.

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    Harkila Mink Oil - rescues old leather really well....but it looks like dubbin to me

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    The problem with traditional dubbin is that the softening action you see from dubbin is actually a partial degradation of the leather. Over time it can (depending on other factors) cause the boots to wear out prematurely.
    Just use the standard wax from Nikwax, grangers or whoever. Don't bother with conditioner unless you notice the leather drying out. The spray on stuff isn't worth it in opinion, get the sponge on liquid wax or the normal hard wax in a tin. Less waste and you can get in to the seams, tongue, etc more easily.
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    One of the Mink oil creams - various brands , looks like - thin dubbin
    The reason i prefer it to a standard dubbin is it soaks in better , whether that makes a big difference who knows , seems to keep leather that regularly suffers from a good soaking from drying out / cracking though.

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