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Thread: Rabbit pen access for free

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    Rabbit pen access for free

    Discovered this by accident. Had a ride to "pets at home" with the wife to pick up this months supply of frozen raw meat dog food. Took the pup as they let you take your dog into the shop. There in the middle of the shop was a rabbit pen, ok I couldn't let the dog in but had her stood rigid on point. Walked her away and back again.
    Have a long way to go yet as I'm sure given the chance she would have had the lot. Might just take her for a walk there next week, you know, just looking, lol
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    I took my Patterdale into a Pets at Home once, she wanted a hamster. Really wanted one.

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    Our old spaniel thought the pick your own dog biscuit isle was a help yourself thing, had to pull him away.

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