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Thread: Various bullet clear-out

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    Various bullet clear-out

    Having a clear out of the odds and end in my loading box. The following projectiles are up for sale:

    .30 cal.

    Hornady 130gn Spire Points (catalogue number #3020) x 75 (not in original box) - 10

    Sierra Pro Hunter 125gn Spitzer (catalogue number S2120) x 85 -10

    Barnes 150gn TSX Boattail x 55 -30

    .224 cal.

    Hornady 75gn A-Max (not in original box) x 40 -10

    Hornady 55gn V-Max c/w cannelure (not in original box) x 100 -15

    Sierra 63gn Semi-point (not in original box) x 180 -30

    All bar the 75gn A-Max's require a face to face and appropriate FAC.

    I live in Hereford but often travel down to the Basingstoke area and happy to meet (close) to my route.

    All the best!!


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    I will take 75 grn Amax please


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