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Thread: Winchester 101 XTR Lightweight - 12 bore

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    Winchester 101 XTR Lightweight - 12 bore

    A Winchester 101 XTR Lightweight 12 bore sporting gun in very good condition. 28" barrels (excellent bores) with 8mm ventilated top rib, chambered for 2.75" cartridges and bored at 1/2 & full choke. Nicely engraved action featuring pheasant, partridge and woodcock in panels. Single selective trigger with manual safety. Figured walnut 14.25" pistol grip stock with Winchester butt plate. Comes in a Vanguard padded carry case.

    700 collected from South Bedfordshire, or happy to RFD at cost.
    Historic Guns & Militaria - based in South Bedfordshire - Historic Guns Militaria

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    wish i had room in my cabinet for it, i deeply regret selling mine and getting the later super select model.
    One of the most under rated shotguns ever made, IMHO.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    I agree, one of my favourite personal shotguns is a Winchester Supergrade which is very similar in build but with the 'Prince of Wales' rounded pistol grip. This 101 is in very good order.
    Historic Guns & Militaria - based in South Bedfordshire - Historic Guns Militaria

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    if this had been 3" i would have a deal with you i have a 101 and love it .would love a 3" chambered one for heavy cartridges

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    My wife shoots one of these. Without sounding sexist they are a great gun for ladies - so easy to open. They are not a 3" heavy shell gun, being lightweight they can kick. 21G cartridges on clays and 25g on game is a nice load for this gun.

    I don't think she'd ever part with hers. Good luck with the sale.

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    The Winchester lightweight game guns had 3 inch chambers not sure why this one hasnt .I have a lightweight supreme game doing nothing in my cabinet.

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    I have just bought one in 20 bore it comes up really well but the prices are rising quite fast and you don't see many in 20 bore.Mine was a bit of a sleeper sold by a lady in her 70s and used infrequently on clays has had less than 1000 cartridges through it and is fixed choke
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