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Thread: Acommodation Refused Due to Stalking

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    Acommodation Refused Due to Stalking

    Have any of you guys ever had accommodation refused to you when booking an stalking trip due to the fact you'll be stalking and or the fact you will have a rifle with you? I've justy got off the phone to a B&B near to the spot I stalk in Argyll and was politely but firmly turned down when I said that we'd be up there stalking. The reason given was that they'd had some stalkers stay there before and they weren't happy with 'guns' in the house.

    First and foremeost, I appreciate that the B&B is someones's home and they are entitled to set the ground ruels, and I am more than happy to comply with them. The reson for the post isn't to rant about how dare they refuse me from being able to stay there, it's more to find out if this happens to others too. Whenever I make a booking I do state why I'm going to be in staying at a spot as I think with the comings and goings at first and last light it is only fair to mention this to the owner but this is the first time (in my limited experience) I've been turned down.

    Ironically, the place has changed owners since the first time I stayed there and the previous owner would put breakfast on for us late after we got back from the AM stalk and even wondered if we could shoot the Roe in her garden from a bedroom window!!!

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    Seem to remember a case was lost by the owners of a B&B, after refusing a gay couple the right to book in, might be worth chancing your arm.
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    Its most odd IMHO but very common

    A freind crashed his car on the wayt back from stalking in Scotland a week ago and couldent check into a hotell because of his rifels.

    He ended up leaving his guns at the local police station so he could get a bed for the night.

    I like the idea that the hotel beleives a potential gun crazed lunatic would declare his wepons as he checked in

    Or perhaps its a theft from the room thing?

    In which case they should do high security portable rifel cases so stalkers can travel

    A gun safe for the car perhaps?



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    I guess you're right that it's their home and so on, a very magnanimous viewpoint. But do you remember the kerfuffle and repercussions when a gay couple were refused accommodation at a B&B because the owners didn't want that going on in their house?

    I can't help wondering what they'd have said if you told them you were there for stalking and there were arrangements with the stalking providers to secure your rifles so they wouldn't have been in the B&B.

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    Their loss, pass on the details and avoid?

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    anti gun then go give some other bb your cash there lost !!

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    Name the b&b then other members will know to steer clear ,their loss!
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    wonder what they would have said if you were a couple of gay stalkers ,looking for a double room .

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    Two points come to mind:

    1) ask your stalker /host to recommend somewhere.

    2) don't even mention it and don't turn up in your stalking gear. Put your bolts and ammo in your bag you take in and lock the rifles to and in the car. This is where break down rifles come into their own. I can put mine in my overnight duffle bag and just turn up looking like a regular tourist / walker.

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    I stayed in a bnb last year while stalking and still had some blood on my trousers,the land lady was off, as if I'd stolen her Christmas turkey,really uncomfortable, because I was leaving early in the morning I was to leave the cash in my room, she came to see if I'd left it.

    I remember staying in a remote pub/bnb in Dumfries years ago,
    wiping you're feet as you left,real rough looking place from the outside
    We walked in gun slips in hand and the whole bar full of locals,all 7 just stared, like a seen with Clint Eastwood.
    They couldn't have been more welcoming fantastic food and clean rooms, never judge a book.

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