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Thread: New North East Rifle Club

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    New North East Rifle Club

    I am in the process of setting up a new rifle club in the North East of England which will start in the New Year and meet at Ponteland MOD ranges. The Home Office license is in place with all other permissions in the pipe (2015 calendar pending from Landmark).

    I would like to hear from anyone who might be interested and will reply to ALL enquiries.


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    I've know Iain for a good few years. He help me sort out my reloading problem & I've also seen him shoot his first roe deer. I've been on to him for a few year to set up his own club as he is a very experienced shooter & will help with the training to get you on track.
    I'll be in mate


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    I will be interested

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    I'm interested in hearing what you will offer.

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    Me too, may have some mates interested too.

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    Are there not a few clubs operating out of there already?

    i have shot with st George's a few times
    good bunch of chaps

    i know they are mostly target shooters with a few stalkers, foxers etc
    good fun but can be frustrating shooting at 600yds as it is not really relevant to stalkers

    i would be interested in a range that shoots at 200/300yds regularly as I think this is of significant value to a stalker or load developer

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    hi Iain kev told me about this yesterday and as I,ve just took ownership of my new .243 id be in mate

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    Very interested in this - PM to follow later this afternoon

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    Hi Iain I would be interested .

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    Im interested aswell Iain if you send some details. Cheers
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